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We Don’t Trust Companies Anymore… We Trust People

funny-pictures-cat-bubble-bath-trustGuy Kawasaki sent this article out on Twitter this morning, and wow, it’s great. It’s a story about how small is the new big.

The author states…

The gap of confidence between small companies and big ones is growing. We used to rely on the security of big companies. That’s why we worked for them. And hired them. And put our money in them. But with the virtual collapse of AIG, Lehman, Citibank, GM, Chrysler, and many more — now even GE is in trouble — all that’s changed. Now it’s a risk to do business with the big ones.

How true is that? And how much excitement and hope does that put in your heart as an entrepreneur and small business owner? It should.

Then the author makes the best point of the article.

We simply don’t trust companies anymore. We trust people. And in big companies, it’s hard to even find a person to trust as we scream “operator” into our telephones only to get transferred to another menu whose options have changed. That gives small companies a huge advantage.

He’s right, we don’t trust large companies anymore. We trust people, and that is why social networking has exploded so fast. We’re able to connect with one another and spread referrals using these tools when in the past we didn’t need to as much because we’d just “hire the big firm”.

If you’re not taking advantage of this trend right now, you’re a fool. Sorry to put it so blatant, but honestly, it’s time for you to wake up! It’s time for you to get going and build trust for you and your firm.

Look around… Trust is now more important than ever today. Do you have it? Are you building it?

It’s so easy to do nowadays. Not like it was when I started. Get started today.

Here’s a few more tidbits from the article.

Big investment banks are burning — but lots of small boutique firms, each with ten to twelve people, are opening up. And they’re doing well. They’ve gone back to the fundamentals. Finding a niche in which they have value to add and deals in which they are experts. And then sitting across from other people in the deal, building the relationship, making reasonable commitments, and following through.

Small companies with low overhead, reliable owners, a small number of committed employees, personal client relationships, and sustainable business models that drive a reasonable profit are the great opportunity of our time.

Small is the new big. Sustainable is the new growth. Trust is the new competitive advantage.

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