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Cleveland Twitter Geek Golf League: Want To Play?

I’m a Web geek. I’m super busy. I stopped golfing about 4-years ago because well, I was too busy. I’m still too busy.


But I’ve found this great little par 3 course just outside of downtown Cleveland (Fleet Ave. off 77) that I can play 9 holes in less than two hours.

So I’m going to start golfing again. Want to join me? There’s no commitment, just show up if you want to play. No tee times needed either.

Check this page for the time we are playing, it might change.

For now, we’ll be playing as the Washington Golf Learning Center at 9:45 every Wednesday morning.

Washington Reservation
3841 Washington Park Blvd.
Village of Newburgh Heights, Ohio 44105
(216) 641-1864

The first day we will start playing is Wed, April 15. Cya there.

Oh, and you don’t have to be on Twitter either, just show up.