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Product Launch Formula from Jeff Walker

Jeff’s releasing version 2.2 of PLF today at 2pm est. We’re you finally thinking about getting it? Now’s the time. Reasons below.

Look, I know Jeff personally. In fact, I’ll see him at a private Internet mastermind group in a few weeks. I own my own copy of PLF from years ago, and I can tell you personally that it’s worth the cost.

Here’s the biggest problem with it. It’s expensive. And in today’s rough economy you’re thinking you don’t need it.


Jeff is going to sell 500 of these in 24 hours to people who understand how it’s going to change their lives, and it will.

Here’s my special deal. If you buy a copy of PLF using my link, I’ll give you the following bonuses upon seeing the receipt.

1. An entire year of my group coaching program free from ($324 value)

2. A one-hour coaching call with me to talk about PLF and how you’re going to use it

3. I’ll promote your product, when ready, to my thousands of Twitter followers and here on my blog.

On the fence still? He’s got payment options so you can spread it out. Plus he’s giving away all kinds of his own bonuses.

Here’s the link to check it out and buy it. Got a question, just ask me!

Disclaimer: As always, I’m not going to promote a product I think is crap. This is not. This will change your life, if you buy it and follow it. If I didn’t believe that I wouldn’t promote it.

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