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What’s Next In Internet Marketing? Find Out!

I love talking about future stuff. Especially when it comes to Internet marketing, which is near and dear to my heart. So I’m very pleased, and proud, to say that I’ll be joining some of the Web’s heaviest hitters this Thursday on a free teleseminar called What’s Next in Internet Marketing.


The internet has become the essential hub for all business and personal communications. Join Internet Marketing Experts Jay Berkowitz, Rohit Bhargava, Maria Harrison, Jim Kukral, Joe Laratro, David McInnis, Mari Smith and Richard Stanton, to find out what is coming next in marketing online.

The All-Star Panel will include the following Internet Marketing Gurus:
Jay Berkowitz, Keynote Speaker and Author of the Ten Golden Rules of Online Marketing
Rohit Bhargava, Marketing Blogger and Author of “Personality Not Included”
Maria Harrison, Interactive Marketing Genius
– Jim Kukral, The Biz Web Coach
– Search expert Joe Laratro
– Multi-Million dollar internet entrepreneur David McInnis Founder of PRWeb and People Pond
– Facebook Goddess Mari Smith
– Web Semantics expert Richard Stanton, CEO of Bintro.com

Look at that lineup! I hope you’ll join us for the call. I hope to learn a lot from the others. I’ll be covering some issues on mobile as well as something new that everyone will be doing in the next few years that will create an entire new revenue stream for regular (that means non-Internet geek) people.

You don’t want to miss this. Sign up for free now.

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