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Social Media and Online Marketing Workshop (Cleveland)

Will you be in Cleveland on June 3rd? Join me and Lewis Howes in this exclusive 2-hour social media and online marketing workshop event. (10 spots left at the time of my posting this).

Me and Lewis, and you, all in a room together showing you, not telling, SHOWING YOU how to be a social media master. Not theories… real examples and instructions.

Social Media and Online Marketing Workshop (Cleveland)


Join Cleveland native, Award Winning Blogger and ultimate Business Web Coach, Jim Kukral and myself as we walk you through a two hour training workshop to help you increase your business profits through social media and online marketing. This event will be in the morning before the Cleveland Business Networking Event at Rock Bottom on June 3rd.
During this workshop we will teach you:

* How to get started with online networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
* How to utilize these sites to find your target audience
* How to generate quality leads
* How to monetize your online efforts
* How to build a following of raving fans for your product or service
* How to save and manage time with advanced online tools
* How to build a positive brand image online
* How to create an online plan and maximize your time

Book now before it’s gone!

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