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Listening Is The Key To Social Media ROI

Listening… It’s the first step really. Even if you’re only dipping your pinky toe into the social media waters, at the very least, you need to listen first. If you don’t listen… how do you know what people are saying about you? You can’t. And guess what? They are talking about you…

I had the chance to interview Dan Neely, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dan’s company makes a product called Social Sense, which is a listening platform…

SocialSense improves your aim by giving you customer-driven insights. We help you answer questions about the who, what, where, when, and how so you can make better decisions. SocialSense mines the social web, uncovering and discovering insights that can be used and acted upon by marketers and advertisers.

Dan and I talked about the business of social media “listening” and about how businesses are afraid to jump into the social media scene. We also talked about how small businesses should be monitoring the social media landscape, and how to generate a return on investment from the data gathered.

If you’d like to test out Dan’s software. Contact them and drop my name.

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