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LinkedIn Tips, Tricks & Secrets

lewisdeskI speak all over the USA about social media. So I get all kinds of questions sent my way. The biggest question I get is this…

“Jim, can I use social media to make me more money, or get my business more leads, or help me to get written up in the press?”

My answer is always the same.

“Yes, and it’s easy, if you learn how to use the tools.”

Take for example.

If you’re like me, you probably created a LinkedIn account for the first time and then did nothing. That doesn’t work. I was just like you.

Then I met Lewis Howes, a guy who I’ve become friends with that has unlocked the secrets of Linkedin. I bought Lewis’s book about LinkedIn and have now learned how to use it for my business and my personal brand.

Check out Lewis’s new guide called The Ultimate LinkedIn Toolkit.

With his guide, you can:

1. Learn How To Create A Rock Star Profile!

2. Generate Warm Leads, Attract Clients, and Build A Massive
Niche Following!

3. Learn How to Draw a Massive Audience to Your Event!

If that’s not good enough, Lewis is offering a 100% personal guarantee on his guide. I know Lewis, and I trust him, and I’ll personally guarantee his guarantee.

The best part about learning how to use tools like LinkedIn is that you never have to pay for advertising again. You just have to know how to use these tools first.

Lewis and I did a paid event together the other day where he talked about LinkedIn in greater detail. We also did a live streaming Web show. I’ll post that show soon.

By the way, let’s connect on LinkedIn. :)

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