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My Green Wife Has Gone Too Far This Time

I love my wife. She’s beautiful, smart, a GREAT mother to our kids and a lot of fun. Oh yeah, and she’s an amazing blogger. Check her out over at where she blogs about “going green”.

She doesn’t just blog about being green. She lives it. And that means that I live it too. And let me tell you, “being green” is great and all, but it’s a pain in the butt sometimes.

At first it was the little things like replacing my antibacterial Fantastic kitchen counter cleaner with some kind of eco-friendly stuff that doesn’t feel like it cleans as well as my old stuff. I could live with that. I could also live with the pain in the butt that is recycling every paper of plastic things we touch, like Cheerios boxes and even paper towel rolls, even though it would be SO MUCH EASIER to throw it in the trash instead of breaking it down and putting it in the recycle bin, etc…

I’m on board with all that stuff for two reasons. A. I love my wife and if it’s important to her so it’s important to me. And B. It just makes sense to try and help the environment and make a good example/world for my children. Even if it’s a pain in the arse (more on that below).

But I have to tell you, dear reader, that @momgoesgreen has gone too far this time. She’s done something that may have pushed me over the edge. She’s gone and made a replacement of an item in my life that should never be shortcutted or cheapened.

Yes… she got rid of my fluffy, cushy, soft toilet paper and replaced it with some kind of eco-friendly toilet paper.

Are you kidding me?

Fine I thought. I’ll give it a go, and I did.

Remember when you used to have to go to the bathroom in a port-a-potty at the campground? Remember that ultra-thin, abrasive, “crappy” toilet paper that they put in there? Well, that’s what this new paper is like.

How dare she mess with a man’s throne room! This is like replacing a man’s 50-inch flat screen with a console TV from the 50’s.

Help me fight the fight that needs fighting. If you agree with me, please send a note to @momgoesgreen on Twitter asking her to bring back Jim’s toilet paper. Thank you.

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