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The Evolution of Dance – Interview With Judson Laipply

So today, for me, another first. I got to hang out and interview the person with the most viewed video on YouTube… EVER! Yep, that’s Judson Laipply (@judsonlaipply on Twitter), the guy who performed the Evolution of Dance video that has been seen, at the time of this blog post, over 120 MILLION times. Wow. If you haven’t seen it, check it out here.

Lucky for me, Judson was speaking today at the Online Marketing Summit here in Cleveland, OH. (Which, by the way, is an awesome event. Look for one coming near you soon).

So I found myself sitting in the front row for his lunchtime talk today to learn about his success and well, to watch him dance. So first, here’s him doing the dance today. And yes, he does the dance at the end of every speaking gig.

After the event I was able to spend 15-minutes or so talking with Judson about the business of viral, and Web fame and the corporate world’s lack of creativity when it comes to doing something remarkable. Here’s part 1 of that interview.

Here’s part 2.

I hope you enjoy hearing from Judson as much as I did. Here’s a guy who “just did it”. He had an idea and thought it might be cool and just went for it. Now that’s someone who I can relate with.

I found his presentation and his success story fascinating and inspirational. Visit Judson’s site at

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