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Changes Are Good

I’ve been blogging since 2001 here at (drink!). I think I’ve changed the site design about 15 times since then. Now here comes another one. In the next few weeks you’ll see a complete new design for this blog and for the main site.

So why change so much? Because goals change. As you move on through your career and life, you open different doors and walk down different paths that lead you to new places. You may have every intention in the world of staying on one specific path or goal, but it’s not realistic.

Things change. I’m dealing with a friend now who might just completely give up their career of 25+ years because they just aren’t jazzed about it anymore. I get that. I’m not doing that, but I get it.

Don’t be afraid to change, or to update. It’s a natural part of being online in this ecosystem.

Can’t wait to show you the new changes I have coming to this site, my brands and everything else. Plus!!! I’ll begin blogging here regularly soon as well.

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