Peter Shankman Affiliate Summit Keynote – LIFE APOCALYPSE – Jim Kukral Speaker *Mindset *Lifestyle *Impact *Purpose

Peter Shankman Affiliate Summit Keynote

Look, Peter is a wonderful guy. Great energy, smart and fun! So those are just a few of the reasons why you MUST take some time right now and watch him on stage as the keynote for the Affiliate Summit in NYC 2009, which I emceed.

Get a pen out and take some notes too, because Peter was dropping amazing nuggets of information and sounds bites that were being tweeted all around the world. I personally liked when Peter said the new average online attention span is 2.7 seconds… the exact time it takes to read a Tweet.

Click play, watch now, and tell me what you thought. I LOVED it. Oh, and go join Peter’s HARO.

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