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Amateur YouTube’rs Making Big Bucks From Videos

Ever see that video of that kid on YouTube who was all doped up from his dentist appointment? It’s funny, yes. Well guess what? His dad is now $25k richer from that video via the YouTube Partner Program which allows video owners to share in the wealth of advertisements. Watch this report.

If you haven’t gotten your hands on a cheap Flip cam yet, what are you waiting for? Then get over to the Online Video Toolkit and learn how to use it.

Then all you have to do is film yourself or your kid or your wife or your dog or whomever… doing something funny and you could be rich! :) Ok, it’s probably harder than that, but you get the point, right?

$25k for a video he made in 1 minute? Not a bad ROI. I’m a YouTube partner and I earn very small amounts from my videos because I make videos that don’t really get viewed that much. I think my most viewed video is just over 50k views and that’s because it was a funny political video. Most of my videos get a few thousand views at most.

If you can make fun, viral videos you can earn some bucks. Try it.