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How To Make A Viral Video From Stats

I love stats. Well, good, fun, informative stats that is. Check out the video below that I caught from a Mashable post.

Among the more fascinating statistics in The Economist’s Fall 2009 “Did You Know?” video on media convergence include that 40 million people have been rick-rolled, 95% of all downloaded songs last year weren’t paid for, there are 2 million TVs in bathrooms in the U.S., and 90% of some 200 billion emails sent per day are spam.

When you can take stats like those listed above, and drop them into a fun and entertaining video… you’ve got gold Jerry, Gold!

What did you think of this video? Good stuff, eh? Now… what kind of simple video like this can YOU make? I know you can do the research and find good stats. Then you simply have to find a video editor to put it together for you. Search your local colleges for a video department and find a student who has some time and who wouldn’t mind a few extra hundred bucks. Or look on Craigslist. Believe me, there are tons of people out there now looking for extra work.

When you make your video… post about it here. I’d love to see it.

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