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Mind, Body & Being An Entrepreneur

Note: This was dictated over the phone using CopyTalk.com. So it may sound a bit choppy.

It’s interesting to me the parallels there are between business and success and success in terms of body and mental, physical health. I just started to get in shape and work out with a trainer. Backstory: I have never been a person who has worked out before. I have never been a physical fitness person. I was raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and you ate everything on your plate, and if you wanted more, you got more. I was not raised to eat healthy. I was not raised in a way that you need to exercise and do those things. So, this is a brand new learning experience for me.

What I do know, though, is how to be an entrepreneur. I know how to make my way in the business world and take risks and do those types of things. So it’s interesting now that I am getting in shape and I am being taught how to be healthier and to work out, the parallels that come between being an entrepreneur and being successful and being healthier and being successful at it.

As I start to see results happen, as I get stronger, and my pants size keep dropping, and I am feeling so much better… I feel so many changes. As an entrepreneur, it’s the same type of thing, you put in the hours and the work, and you will be successful and you see the results.

But I also notice mentally how powerful this is to get healthy. I also notice how it teaches me that I can push myself, because I already know how to do that in the business world, but I didn’t know that I could do it physically. I have learned so much about myself, because I am now able to push myself both physically and mentally. And mentally is really the hardest part.

So go out there and try something different. If you’re a couch potato, go out there and try to work out. Get on a training program and push yourself mentally. Push yourself in other ways than just being an entrepreneur, because I’ve got to tell you that it has opened my mind. It has helped me think of new things. It has helped me work better and helped me work longer. It’s changed things for me.

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