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Twitter & Linkedin Secrets

Let me tell you about my friend Lewis Howes. He’s the “Linkedin Guy”. You may have heard of him. Now, when I say friends I mean we actually hang out and I know him as a person, not just as an business associate. We’ve done shows and webinars together, and we both generally believe that the new tools that are available to all of us are changing the world, and your small business, one at a time… for the better.

I normally don’t like to blog about events that are timely because then this content is out of date down the road. But I really want you to sign up and take this free Webinar from Lewis on Sept 2, 2009. Here’s the signup link.

Lewis, and Twitter guy Sean Malarkey, will be doing this free Webinar to talk about the top secrets of Twitter and Linkedin you may not know about. Now, you’re saying, “Secrets?”. Yeah, well, “secrets” is just a good marketing word to get you to take action. What you’re going to learn is tactics, and case studies that people and businesses use to make success using these amazing free online tools.

There are over 600 people registered for the free event already, so go get in now. And let me know how it was after by leaving a comment here.

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