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Are You Cool?

I’m not buying it. Watch the video below of employees dancing at a Microsoft store. As if they’re working in a Johnny Rockets or something. See that video here.

Me thinks they’re trying too hard, don’t you? Why must brands like Microsoft try to be what they’re not. You are either cool, or you’re not. It’s ok to not be the cool one people. In fact, I like MS a lot because they’re the uncool ones. Only when they try to pretend they are that they annoy me.

I’m not cool. I’m kind of a dork. I relish in the uncoolness of myself and it works for me. Because I’m myself…

As I wrote in 07 for MarketingProfs

You can’t just be cool, you either are, or you aren’t.

Your brand is what it is. Don’t force something and end up looking like the dork in the corner trying too hard to hang with the popular kids.

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