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Here’s a list of the resources and tools and blogs and, well, everything I love and recommend. Please enjoy.

Web Tools & Resources

LeadPlayer WordPress Plugin

Need Landing Page Help?

I’m using a great WordPress plugin called Premise to build landing pages like these. Try it. It’s the best tool I’ve used yet. Here’s my affiliate link.

  • Need an Ecommerce site? Click here to try BigCommerce – the best way to sell online!
  • Aweber Email Marketing Software – This is what I use to build email lists on all of my sites/blogs. A no-brainer, just buy it.
  • WordPress Affiliate Manager – Neat tool to use to run an affiliate program through WordPress.
  • Easy Video Player 2.0 – Want to stream videos in a private member area? This tool is what I use for my site Connects with Amazon s3 and makes video hosting a breeze.
  • Dan Janal PR Leads Plus – I send all my press releases through Dan for the best results.
  • SurveyGizmo Online Surveys – Makes online survey’s with ease!
  • Unbounce Landing Page Tool – Love this tool for building fantastic, awesome looking landing pages.
  • Traffic Geyser – Online profit generator.
  • Popup Domination – Love this popup tool. Like it or not, popups work.
  • MaxPress Ninja Affiliate – Convert keywords into your blog content with affiliate links!
  • WordPress Hosting – Secure, safe, WordPress hosting with backups.
  • WordPress Wizard 2.0 – WordPress & Blogging Training.
  • MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet – Get more subscribers for your blog.
  • Cover Action Pro – This is what I use to build all my book and dvd and cd covers and more. Love it!
  • Build and host your website for only $4.99 per month. Start your 30 Day Trial Now
  • SEO Book – The ultimate guide to learning search engine marketing from Aaron Wall.
  • Scribe SEO LLC – Scribe is an SEO software service for WordPress (it’s like a content optimization personal assistant) that analyzes web pages,blog posts, and online press releases at the click of a button.
  • Spyfu – Spy on your PPC competitors. Just use the free version, but upgrade when you need more stats.
  • Prfessor – Build your own online university or training center from scratch, no tech-skills needed. Watch this demo to see it in action.
  • Thesis WordPress Theme – Best WordPress theme out there.
  • WordPress Themes & Resources – My big list, enjoy.
  • MemberGate – This is the member software I use to run It’s the Bentley of member software.
  • Amember Member Software – Powerful and full-featured membership/subscription software for your website.
  • Shareasale – Best affiliate network on the planet.
  • Skitch – Screen grab tool for the Mac.
  • FastStone Capture – Screen grab tool for the PC.
  • – Sell your stuff online, merchant transactions.
  • Vbulletin Form Software – Create your own forums, blogs, and custom pages.
  • Practice Pay Solutions – Another great resource for a shopping cart and merchant account.
  • – Another great place to sell your stuff online, merchant transactions. Great for downloads.
  • – Affiliate/shopping cart solution. Sell your digital products online, run an affiliate program off of them, all in one place.
  • – Watch 50,000+ designers submit logos for you to choose from
  • – An easier way to manage events.
  • – Online event registration (free).
  • Need an iPhone App? Yes, you do! – Build your own iPhone app for as little as $99
  • I’m A BIG Fan Of…

    • – All natural bee pollen golden capsules I take that have changed my life!
    • Crossfit Cleveland – Another life changer. I’m healthier and happier and tougher because of Bill.
    • HARO – Peter Shankman’s excellent PR resource. Everyone needs to be a member here, for free!
    • Feedfront Magazine – Free online marketing information

    Products I Like…

    • The Video Boss – Andy Jenkins nails video marketing. Watch this amazing video.

    Websites/Blogs I Run…

    Websites/Blogs/Conferences I Love…

    • Affiliate Summit – The best conference around. I’m the emcee here, twice a year.
    • Blogworld Expo – Fantastic yearly show about blogging and all that it entails, you need to come to this.
    • Copyblogger – Copy is important. You need to learn how to write it.
    • Problogger – Run a blog? This is where you want to learn from.

    Friends (If you’re not here, contact me, I just forgot)…

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    Greg Friese - November 14, 2009

    I didn't even know Gateway still existed. Go figure.

      Jim Kukral - November 14, 2009

      Yep, I've never owned one, but it's a good cheap machine for my wife. Actually, it's a really nice machine.

      TrishaLyn - November 26, 2009

      They've come a long way… I bought a gateway recently and I have no complaints.

      Also, I guess I'm not Jim's friend :p

        randy - February 5, 2010

        don't feel bad…and don't compare yourself to jason falls either.

    pc zubehör - December 8, 2009

    There are many benefits to using Gateway business VoIP. These are making a huge difference for businesses that commonly use VOIP services. Due to the fact that VOIP services have become so popular in recent years, its no wonder that there is such a huge demand for these types of products.

    Ekonomix - February 3, 2010

    Great collection of resources Jim, thanks!

    James - February 12, 2010

    Hey Jim, what books are you online marketing books are you reading? Any new ones you recommend (in addition to your soon to be released new book)?

    kapadokya - June 6, 2010

    thanks you

    Rodney - September 7, 2010

    Great resources Jim – just like to also add and recommend ProductShotPro – eBook cover software too.
    It's basically the Rolls Royce of product display software and is an absolute life saver when you need to create a professional graphic of your products to display on your sites.

    Also Freemind is a great app for working out your mindmaps and ideas.
    Thanks again for the great list – consider it bookmarked!

    Paul Butler - February 1, 2011

    Great resources Jim. Thanks for the content bro.

    nickthrolson - February 16, 2011

    Awesome info thanks Jim

    Steve Miller - February 24, 2011

    If you have not read Jim's book, Attention! do that first. Otherwise you are not going to get much out of these resources because you won't really understand what to do with them. That being said, these are the best tools around! Great collection!

    Thanks Jim!

    Kris - February 26, 2011

    Hey Jim
    Taking some of your advice to heart. Thanks for the kick in the ass. BTW, I LOVE Bee Pollen too and take it faithfully, (will check out, but if that has worked for you check out OPC-3 – hands down the single best supplement I have EVER come across as an anitoxidant/anti-inflammatory product. It works well due to it's isotonic delivery. Check it out.

    Mike Volpe - March 6, 2012

    Hi Jim,
    Awsome resources. I will make sure to sign up under you when I join. Thank's for giving us your best stuff.

    mikeonlinecoach - March 13, 2012

    Thanks for the outstanding list Jim. I appreciate the time you took to organize it for everyone.

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