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Their Pitch DOES Suck! A Challenge to All Marketers

Guest post by Dina Riccobono.

We’re in an industry that pushes ads for a living, yet we will fast forward through commercials. We create content we wouldn’t watch ourselves. We sell products we don’t use. This is terrible. The same people who want others to click for cash won’t click for cancer research. Commercials are outdated, banner ad blindness set in long ago, we’re talking, and no one is listening.

So why don’t we set a higher standard? Freshen up your brand. Change your images. Take a second look at your best practices. This should be common sense to marketers- online, offline, in shopping lines. Yet we stay in our safety zones, we can’t break the mold. Why not? We’re in one of the most groundbreaking industries that exists today. Some of the most successful businesses today didn’t exist ten, twelve, fifteen years ago. Let’s change the outlook!

What would really happen if you stepped outside your comfort zone? Take a look at some very successful examples:

Love them or hate them, do you know the following brands:


Fifty plus years ago, meals were cooked at home. Eating out was a special occasion, and you had to use the library to do business research. If you wanted to buy a shirt, groceries, and a television, you went to three different stores. If you wanted to chat with a friend, you walked/drove to/called their house.

Now? We pick up our laptops and cell phones to do everything. The superstore is the only store. We eat dinner while we’re working, driving, reading the paper, and talking- usually at the same time. If we want to find a new restaurant, we don’t explore the city, we explore the newest app. Why?

Because our Macs, PCs, social media platforms, super centers, and yes, even fast food chain CEOs had vision. They took risks. They broke the mold. I’m certainly not saying there are no fantastic examples out there. Affiliate marketing is one of the most amazing opportunities out there. Kids who are still in high school are making more in a month than their retired parents did in their prime 20 years on the same job. With a few clicks and some technical knowledge, million dollar ideas are launched. It’s great…but it’s got to keep changing…we HAVE TO evolve. So try new things, and take a risk. Hell…take five. But please…

Don’t be the next Steve Jobs. Be the current you- but better.

About the Author: Dina is the founder of TheFreelancerNetwork, a national agency connecting clients with top online media consultants. She specializes in marketing, event planning and social media as part of TFN. Dina also works with MarketLeverage Interactive Advertising as their Marketing and Social Media Manager. Dina on Twitter. Dina on Linkedin.

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