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What’s Your Unique Value Proposition? (UVP)

I often talk to my students and clients about developing a UVP. A unique value proposition. Some people called it a USP or a unique sales proposition. Same thing to me. The bottom line is you HAVE to have it. It’s the reason that someone chooses you over someone else.

Example: You have restaurant A and restaurant B. Someone says to you, “we have two choices, A or B, which one should we choose?” That’s a buying decision. Now, whichever restaurant has the better crafted, more appealing, problem-solving UVP is going to win.

So obviously your first step is to know your customer. If you know their pain point, then you can deliver them the solution, therefore making them choose you. But you have to know how to deliver that UVP to them that makes sense. How?

Made to Stick: Selling Your Innovation : Innovation :: American Express OPEN Forum

I was just watching an interesting video by Dan Heath, the guy who wrote Made To Stick over on the Openforum. Here’s the link to go watch since they don’t allow me to embed the video (lame).

He’s essentially talking about the same thing. It’s how you explain what you are/do. You must be able to relate to a person in a way that they understand.

Do you have a UVP? If not, you better get one. If not, how in the heck do you expect a customer to be able to choose you over someone else? You can’t.