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How’d You Like To Be In My Book?

I’d love to include you in my upcoming book. It’s called ‘Attention! This book will make you money’ and it will be in bookstores in July 2010. Published by Wiley.

The book is all about how businesses and brands use attention-getting marketing/ideas/tricks/whatever to get noticed, and then specifically how they turn that attention into revenue. Revenue can be defined as anything, but more specifically sales, leads or publicity.

So, want to see your name in print? Got a great story to tell? Just answer these two questions as best as you can. Need some inspiration? Visit my old book blog at first for examples.

Publish your answers here on my blog or contact me.

Question #1 – What have you done, or seen done, by a business or brand, that has gotten attention in an unusual or creative way?

Question #2 – How did they turn that attention into some type of revenue (sales/leads/publicity).

Note: It can be a small win, such as getting one person’s attention, or getting a job or earning enough revenue to launch your company. Anything.

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