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I’m Writing This Book For You

I’m neck deep in writing my book and I wanted to stop and take a break and get this out. I’m not writing this book for me. I’m not writing this book for my peers in the industry.

I’m writing this book for you. The entrepreneur. The small business owner. The business or brand who doesn’t “get” all of this Internet “making money online” getting attention thing.

I tell you this because I fear that you, the people who know all of this stuff, are going to read my book and say, “I already knew all that Jim.” Completely irrational thought, I know, but nevertheless, it’s a fear I have.

Scott is in a similar boat as me. He’s writing a book, with the same deadline and publisher as me, and he has a bunch of fears he has as well. 5 of them in fact.

I think it’s important to face our fears and talk about them openly. As I continue to crank out everything darn thing I know about doing business online, I keep thinking back to my audience and how this book is truly going to help them.

At the end of the day, when my book helps you, I’ll know I have succeeded.

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