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Need A Web Video?

Chock this up as one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” moments. Pixability is a company that will make you a very nice, yet relatively inexpensive video to show off your brand or product or whatever. Here’s the special link they gave me if you want more information.

I just ordered mine and will blog about it when it’s done. Here’s what’s neat about it. They send you a Flip camera, you take a bunch of footage and send it back to them and they have their expert editors make you a tight little video. The whole thing costs $595.

I’ve been pitching this idea to companies for years now, with no takers and I can’t figure out why. For example, I pitched a University that they should get about 100 Flip cameras and send them to 100 select students every year with the condition that the students need to take at least 60 minutes of video each quarter and privately upload to an FTP account. Then I would take the videos and break them out into smaller videos I could upload to YouTube as teaser videos for prospective students. Can you think of a better way to show off the University and the life around it than that? I can’t.

Here’s some more information on the service.

* What does the service include?

This package includes:
o A professionally edited video with music, titles and transitions.
o Camcorder rental
o Branded intro with your logo

Shop around and you’ll see that this service is a $1200 value for only $595.

* How do I know what footage to capture?

Pixability provides a “how to” shot list description based on the type of video you need. We make it easy to capture the most professional-looking video for your event or promotion.

* Can I use the video on my website and Facebook?

Pixability will create a web-sized version of your video that will play smoothly and look great on the internet.

* How do I receive and send the video?

We send a trackable, prepaid, secure shipping box that contains everything you need to safely send the camcorder back to Pixability.

* Can I use my own camera?

Yes. Just upload your footage to your project area on our website.

* Is it hard to shoot video with a Flip camera?

The Flip camera is light-weight, fits in your pocket and as easy to use as a point-and-shoot camera.

* Can I email a copy of my video?

Most videos are too large to be sent by email so we include private video hosting so you can securely invite others to view your videos.

* What is a “Branded Intro”?

At the beginning and end of your video we will include your company logo and contact information set to music.

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Steve Rucinski - December 17, 2009

Jim I think this a great idea and service.

We had a guest on Small Business Trends radio from Seattle that is making a movie by interviewing 100 entrepreneurs. I want to do the same in NEO but do it by handing out a dozen Flip's at a time, collect them and edit into a movie as a promo about our small biz environment. What do you think?

    Jim Kukral - December 17, 2009

    Steve, exactly. I think that's a great idea. Do it!

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buoyancy aids - December 22, 2009

Ok apologies for whatever, but clicking on the link to the video says I need silverlight (in my 64-bit browser). It doesn't even hint I might be using a wrong version but whatever.

I'm having a depressing moment, This technology is so cutting-edge it was released yesterday or is still beta, but it doesn't recognize 64-bit , which I still wonder what I need 64 bit for, but that's another thing.

So (to summarize for anal dummies)

64-bit has been around since xp, why can't a 64-bit browser instantiate a 32 bit version if needed and permitted?

Customized Wedding - December 26, 2009

The web video is the awesome stuff after all to increase the viewership to the interactive section.

Coffee Maker - December 26, 2009

That is the better then the best.

life jackets - January 8, 2010

Online video is one of the best things you can do to distinguish yourself if you have a web site. Particularly if you have an ecommerce site.

Don't get hung up on production value. Just do your best, publish it, and keep improving them as you go along. That method might not apply to Fortune 500 companies, but it DEFINITELY applies to small businesses.

Authenticity trumps production value any day, and making even a basic video proves that there are real people behind that web site of yours!

As John often points out, people prefer to do business with someone they know and trust.

One of our videos has more than 250,000 views on YouTube, and several others have more than 50,000 views. YouTube has become one of our major sources of traffic.

philip - January 10, 2010

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