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I Just Wrote A Book

The book is called Attention, This Book Will Make You Money. It will be in bookstores in July 2010.

As of right now, it’s broken into three parts.

Part 1: An introduction to why attention marketing works, and then some online marketing 101

Part 2: How to make money on the Web

Part 3: Stories and tactics used by real businesses and brands to get attention and generate revenue

I believe this book will educate, inspire and motivate people. This is not a book you take a week to read. It’s something you can flow through on a flight from NYC to Vegas, walking away with a pallet full of ideas and concepts and energy. It’s a quick, fun read.

Thank you to all of the people who contributed to the book, and who line the pages. Also, huge thanks to my beautiful wife for her kindness and belief and tolerance for me over the past few months as I slaved away in front of my keyboard.

Now the fun part, promotion. Keep an eye out here for the new blog coming soon, and other fun ideas I have in store for you all.