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Jim Kukral Does Not Suck (My New Jingle)

I’ve got a new jingle courtesy of a new, very cool, online project called LoveJingles.com. See it below. Apparently, I do not suck, haha.

What I love about this is that not only did he come up with the lyrics on his own, but he also did a very clever video for it. I’m impressed. And the best part is since I bought early in the year, I paid only $20 for this. Want your own jingle? He’s already sold out until mid March. The costs do really go up a lot day after day so if you want in now get in now. I’m not sure if he’ll be able to sell an entire year at this rising costs schedule, but if he does, he’ll make a lot of money, and have 365 jingles to his credit.

A very interesting idea, similar to Iwearyourshirt.com, another project I really love. Both of these projects will be featured in my book.

You can view my old jingle here (or below).

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