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Free Stuff

Everyone loves free stuff. I know this, and you know this. That’s why I’ve been working for years to create tons of free information to share with you. Why? Well, besides it being good karma, I feel it my responsibility to help people. I’m a teacher at heart really.

I love help people. I love seeing people succeed. There’s no better feeling than having someone come up to me at a show or in the mall or at dinner and have them tell me that something I did or said or wrote or video’d or whatever, changed their success in some way or another.

So here’s a collection of my free stuff. Enjoy. Pass it around, share it with other people, it’s free! I hope it helps you. So far, I’ve reached hundreds of thousands of people with it.

  • My BIG list of resources – I’m adding to this all the time. Software, tools, friends, sites I like, all kinds of stuff.
  • My HUGE list of WordPress Themes – Good themes are hard to find. Here’s my list.
  • The $7.95 Marketing Plan eBook – Download
    Did you know you can build your online brand for the price of a pizza? You sure can. All you have to do is read a copy of Jim’s free eBook to find out how. Feel free to pass a copy to a friend or to your readers or anyone. It’s 100% totally free, and packed full of information that will help you navigate the domain name part of your online success story.
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    Anyone, and I mean anyone, can learn how to make high-quality Web videos with inexpensive equipment. The Online Video Toolkit will show you how to do that, step by step, from the camera to buy, to how to light a room, to what clothes to wear to how to edit and upload your videos. Thousands of people have used the toolkit to learn how to become video experts overnight. You should too.
  • 5 Day Bootcamp To Success – Get Motivated!
    You need more than a gentle push to get your business moving… How about a week of entrepreneurial ass kicking? You have the ideas for an online empire. You have dreams of breathtaking success. Now here’s a sure-fire way to kick-start your plans and feed the momentum to finally make things happen. At absolutely no cost to you, take advantage of our 5-day motivational bootcamp. But it’s way more than simple motivation… it’s the “mental map” you need to light your path to success faster than ever before.

Bookmark this page. More free stuff coming soon!