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Tracking Your Mobile Marketing ROI

Cell phones have become extremely poplar over the last decade to the point where most people have one. Because of this, advertisers have slowly been toying with the idea of mobile marketing, and in the past few years it has been really taking off. Smart phones, especially, are making it easier for marketers to reach their target audience due to hand held Internet capabilities and email access. But are these efforts viable? And how can a company track their mobile marketing ROI?

A new survey conducted by R2integrated states that, “more than half (52%) of respondents said their mobile marketing campaign would focus on mobile Web site development, while 40% said they would focus on mobile application development.” In this same study, 43% of respondents said they were concerned about how to track their mobile ROI. This shows that while marketers are planning their strategies, they might not have a full idea of how to track their mobile campaign’s success.

Below are 5 ways to successfully measure mobile marketing:

  1. Set up a mobile landing page: Having your mobile efforts tracked back to a landing page is a great way to check out how many people are going to your mobile website. Mobile browsers are becoming very similar to desktop computer browsers, making the ease for browsing on the Internet much easier for mobile users. Take advantage of this and talk to your web designer about how to convert your current website to also work on a mobile browser.
  2. Coding SMS campaigns: No matter how you use a text message campaign, the important thing to remember is to use codes to track how effective the campaign is. For example, if you are running TV and radio ads, having some text “RN291” to a number will show you if your target audience is willing to use their cell phone for your advertising/marketing campaigns. SMS coupons are also a great way to track the effectiveness of a texting campaign.
  3. Opt-in targeting: Using opt-in techniques can give you a lot of information on your target audience such as demographics and psychographics. Brian Field, the VP of subscriber experience and integration for myScreen Mobile puts it best by stating, “Savvy marketers are taking advantage of new mobile advertising platforms that combine opt-in programs with advanced mobile technologies to deliver unprecedented consumer intelligence…mobile customers are opting in for ads on their phones and to access rewards, special offers and discounts.”
  4. Tracking app downloads: There are many sites out there that can build your company an app for iPhones, BlackBerrys and Android platform phones. Being able to track how many people are either downloading or clicking through the app will show you if your customer base is heavily using their phone for keeping up with businesses.
  5. Software programs: It is hard to keep up with all this data at once, so using software programs to help you track your ROI is always a good idea. Some useful programs out there are:
    • Ringleader Digital–This program allows users to track their mobile ads with real-time capabilities as well as users.
    • AdMob–Just bought by Google, it supplies ads for over 1,500 mobile websites and apps across the globe.
    • Webtrends Mobile Analytics–Measures and quantifies how your customers engage with both mobile sites and applications.

Because mobile marketing is gaining speed, I’m sure we will be seeing even more effective ways to track our ROI for mobile campaigns. Technology is always changing, and marketers need to stay up to speed on how everyone is gaining knowledge.

About the Author: Shannon Suetos is a writer based in San Diego, California. She writes extensively for Resource Nation, an online resource that provides expert advice on purchasing and outsourcing decisions for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

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