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Doers Get What They Want…

The below is from Tom. Tom sent this to me via Facebook and said it was ok for me to publish this. Tom is a doer. Tom is successful. Tom listens to good advice and takes action on it.

If you’re not going to listen to me, that’s fine. But darnit, listen to someone and GO OUT THERE AND DO SOMETHING! TRY! Or as I say…

“Doers get what they want… Everyone else gets what they get.”

Here’s my testimonial or guest blog post. …feel free to edit it or embellish it. Thanks again Jim.

How I landed a job using some advice I heard from Jim Kukral.

Almost a year ago. I attended a conference for eMarketing in Cleveland. It was at the Tri-C corporate college. I attended a break-out session where Jim Kukral was speaking. One line that stuck in my head was…”What is stopping you from looking into a camera and making a video to get your point across.”

I started blogging because of Jim. I saw him in a video once where he said that if you’re not sure what to write about in your blog…..just write.

He gave a pretty inspiring speech about using social media to market your brand and/or product.

About a month later, he had a webinar about how to get a job using social media. I remember him specifically saying, to use YouTube, or a blog…or better yet use your Linkedin profile to land a job. It was almost as if people were looking for you and you weren’t looking for an employer.

Not to get off topic and not to get pity points…but I lost my job in April of 2009. In September of 2009 my father-in-law was killed in an automobile accident. My wife was in bad shape. She wanted to move to South Florida to be near her mom after this horrible tragedy.

So my wife and I planned on moving to South Florida in March of 2010.

Still jobless and having a goal to move to Florida in March, I wrote a blog post titled: “West Palm Beach Seo Firm” while living in Cleveland.

After liquidating all of our things to the Salvation Army in Strongsville, we packed what would only fit in our mini-van and made the 1100 mile drive to South Florida. After we arrived, I had a message in my email box telling me to call an Internet Marketing Firm in West Palm Beach. The firm had read my blog post and to my surprise it ranked on the first page of Google under “West Palm Beach SEO Firm.”

I knocked them out of place.

After sending them my Linked profile, and acquiring an interview, I landed the job. (I used the little PDF symbol on my Linkedin profile to send my profile as a resume.)

Not only did I get hired, but they bought one of my blogs.

…and you know who I owe…BIG TIME???

That’s right….Jim Kukral.

It was his simple advice that I used to get the interview and get the job using some of his social media techniques.

I owe him a debt of gratitude.

Thank you Jim!!!!

Tom Guard
Clevelander for life in South Florida.

Ps. this is the famous post…… West palm beach seo firm.

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