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How To Make Money With

Just had an interesting idea. Have you seen yet? It’s this voyeuristic new (fun?) video experience where you randomly connect with people around the world through your web cam. Pointless you say? Well, kinda. But what if you can make some money from it? Here’s an idea for you to try.

Get a computer with a webcam and an Internet connection. Now, design an ad, to be displayed on either your computer monitor or on a sheet of paper, whatever. The point is, it’s an ad.

Example: “Love Snuggies? Get 50% off The Snuggie at”

Of course, should be your website, or affiliate link. Now, point your webcam at that ad and turn on Chatroulette and let it run. I would guess that you could get thousands and thousands of views on that ad every single day. Would people buy? I don’t know. It probably depends on the product you’re selling and the ad.

If it was me, I’d try to promote something fun and dumb, kinda like the Snuggie. Something everyone might buy, or knows about. The Chatroulette audience seems to be full of perverts and just regular curious people, so you figure out what what might sell.

On a similar/fun note, check out the video of this guy doing piano songs to random people.

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