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How To Use Amazon S3 To Upload & Post Videos To Your Blog

This is an excellent guest post and video from Samuel Awosolu at Traffic Is King.

All the statistics show that video is one of the best visual mediums to promote your business online. So, when beginning to think about making and distributing Web video, our first thoughts are to post videos on YouTube and other video sharing sites to promote our online or offline ventures, right? But what if your video content is longer than the 10 minutes allowed by YouTube?

Maybe you have a membership site that you want to display video content exclusively for your subscribers. You don’t have much flexibility when it comes to managing your video content with the video sharing sites. Some of the problems hosting your videos with video sharing sites are:

1. Video length can exceeded the account limit.

2. No branding options.

3. No privacy with videos you may want to make exclusive.

4. The worse is having all your video content deleted by the video sharing site itself.

In this video I talk about the following:

* How to use an Amazon s3 account to host your video content.
* Using a special piece of software called CloudBerry to manage your uploaded files.
* Using a WordPress plugin called FLV Embed to embed videos on your blog.
* Branding your videos through the FLV Embed setup process.
* The special tags used in your blog post to display your embedded video content.

Hopefully you will find this video post useful and feel like you have more options when it comes to delivering, controlling and managing your video content over the web.

About the Author: Samuel Awosolu is an Internet Marketer and Online Instructor. He provides online workshops and video tutorials on traffic generation , blog traffic tips, and website promotion. You can learn more about him by visiting him over at his blog called Traffic Is King or you can sign up for his 7 day blog traffic course at

Note: I fully realize that we’re using Vimeo, not Amazon S3 to show this video. That’s not the point. :)

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