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New Affiliate Marketing Course from University of San Francisco Online

In 2009 I was asked by the good people at the University of San Francisco to facilitate the creation of a new online course on the topic of Affiliate Marketing. As you know, I’ve been involved in the affiliate marketing industry for close to 10-years, having produced my first affiliate site way back when. I also work as the emcee for the largest learning and convention in the space called the Affiliate Summit.

Today I’m proud to announce that the course is now available for sale, with a $100 coupon! You can register or learn more about it here. Want more information? Here’s a promo video I did for the program.

This is a great course, taught be amazing people in the industry. I’m one of the instructors, as well as some other people you may know. Those people include Todd Farmer, Lisa Picarille and Kim Rowley.

So what are you going to learn? Well, this course is to teach you how to be an affiliate, not a merchant. In other words, this is a one-sided course that teaches you how to become an affiliate and make money! That’s what this is all about. You’ll learn the in’s and out’s of the business, and how the super-affiliates are so successful, and how you can get started earning, and building, an affiliate marketing channel.

I know you’ll enjoy the course. This is it. This is your chance to learn how to be an affiliate marketer once and for all. All from an accredited University, from experts in the industry. Hope to see you in class!

More information here. (not an affiliate link) :)

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