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Building The Brand Beyond The Web

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Print24. All opinions are 100% mine.

So if you don’t know my wife, Doreen, she has a passion for “going green”. So much so, she has been writing a blog over at for two-years now! In fact, she’s an excellent blogger, way better than me. Because of that, she’s been able to build a nice little name for herself and the brand.

When she first started she had some business cards made to hand out to friends and etc… But those ran out. So recently I got a call from the people at Print24 saying they’d give her some free cards if we tried their service. So we did. Here are the cards she made, all on her own using the Print24 website. Look at these next to her blog and you’ll see it’s pretty darn close in style.

Image is blurry because I couldn’t get my scanner to work today, and iPhone takes bad pics!

I was very happy with the cards when they arrived. Nice card stock, sturdy, in general good stuff, and cheap. I should know, I started out my career working in print, way before the Web was around. Yes, I’m the old guy in the Internet business at 38, heh.

This is what I keep saying to you about today’s Internet. There’s never been a greater time in the history of the world to be able to easily and cheaply get things like this done. Before the Web, and all the choices, you would have to walk into a local print shop and pay a LOT of money for these cards. Oh, and you’d only be able to get a minimum of 500 too.

Print24 has other stuff too like address labels, stickers, mousepads, postcards, etc. All the usual print stuff. Also check out Print24 for their web2Print projects. Yeah, this post is sponsored. But again, I won’t write about stuff I don’t like or use. Try them and let me know what you bought.

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