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Bigger Is Not Always Better

Ever watch the weather on your local news? Of course you have. Are you like me when you can’t understand why they do a 4-minute segment about cold-front patterns and rain accumulation, but only 10-seconds showing the 5-day forecast?

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I’m going to make an assumption here and say that 95% of the people who watch the weather simply want to know what it’s going to be like tomorrow, and the few days after that. That’s it. So assuming I’m correct, why do they insist on telling me everything else and then giving me only 10-seconds to see what I only really wanted to see?

Of course, the answer is they’re filling time in the broadcast in between ads. I get it. I just don’t like it. Actually, they’d be better off doing more actual news, and just 45-seconds of weather with most of it being the 5-day forecast, right? I’d actually take more/longer ads before all that other useless information.

Are you doing this to your customers? Are you creating unneeded filler in between the stuff they want? Is your 150-page eBook full of 140 pages of fluff and posturing when all it really needed to be was 10-pages of “stuff the customer just needed to know?” I’ve seen this too many times. Someone will create tons of unnecessary content that only wastes my time, when they could have just delivered the message in a clear and concise fashion instead.

You get the idea. Stop filling just for the sake of filling. Give your customers what they want without all the extra stuff they don’t want. I think you’ll find that they’ll love you for it. No, I know they will.

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