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The Value of Importing from China

This is a guest post. I’ve always been interested in the whole importing business from China. This is a good beginning article to give you some ideas on the value of it.

China has been experiencing unprecedented growth in GDP, manufacturing, exports and other economic sectors. More than ever, importing products from China can generate both immediate and long term profit.

Potential Business
To get a sense of the potential business opportunities when importing Chinese products, consider Wal-Mart. Every year, Wal-Mart imports billions of dollars worth of Chinese goods, and out of Wal-Mart’s 6,000 suppliers, 5,000 are located in China. However, do not think that you cannot tap into the Chinese import market just because major retailers such as Wal-Mart have. Importing products from China can still be a strong business decision.

If you choose to import a product from China that is reasonably priced and tends to sell well, or a specialty product that is otherwise difficult to locate, your potential for profit can be large. However, be wary of any supplier who claims they can sell you name brand electronics or clothing. These goods are almost certainly fake and are often illegal to sell.

Advantages of Importing from China
As long as you abide by customs regulations, you can often buy bulk goods from China cheaper and with lower taxes than you would when dealing with a middleman in your home nation. This is because you are essentially acting as an independent retailer, buying your products directly from the manufacturer and importing them to your own country. China requires no special licenses or permits to purchase goods. As long as you follow national and international trade regulations, you are free to import nearly anything in almost any quantity.

Another advantage you have over dealing with a middleman is that you have direct control over your business’s distribution model. You might consider selling your products online through eBay or Amazon, or you could rent a store and sell them in person. This gives you a level of flexibility that a major retailer does not have. The biggest value of importing from China directly lies in the control you are given over your own business.

Because China’s manufacturing sector has experienced a prolonged, dramatic boom, directly importing from China can prove to be an effective business decision. If you research and plan your business around hot markets, the potential for profit can be very significant.

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Dave Hale - July 15, 2010

Hello Jim, I read a couple articles on China over the past couple day. Seems they have embraced the Internet, but the government does not like what Facebook is doing. From what a university professor friend of mine said who teaches Internet marketing in China, the country is using the Internet to expand business prospects, but the use of social network sites is a thorn in the government's side. Thank God for free speech. See you in Atlanta! Dave Hale

Marco Greselin - July 27, 2012

Hi Kim, thanks for the guest post! I agree that importing from China can be a big deal because of the current labor costs. However, companies that are willing to import from China face a series of challenges. Rules and regulations, especially for foreign companies, can be extremely complicated and can also be difficult to adhere/be aware of all rules, such as taxes. A colleague of mine actually wrote a great article outlining the various taxes that businesses must pay here in China. Check out the full article here!

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