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4 Tips on How to Buy a Gift that has the WOW Effect

Below is a guest post from friend and super problem-solver Kim Ann Curtin. I asked her the other day “What do you give as a gift for people that means something?” Kim is the master at knowing things like this. So she wrote a blog entry about it. Gifts are great for saying thank you, and for just letting people know you care. But what do you get???

One of my clients a couple of years ago bought me a Baccarat crystal angel. Along with the words: “You’ve been my angel, so I thought it appropriate to give you what you’ve been to me.”

This client also gave me a very generous bonus. Yet what do I talk more about? The angel. Why? Because this was someone that was wealthy enough to hire others to shop for them. And yet this gift was one that they had gotten for me themselves. It was the thoughtfulness behind it that so touched me. That is the key to buying a gift that WOW’s them. Being thoughtful – it’s way more powerful that just coin being dropped.

#1 Tip
Think about the person’s interests. What are their hobbies, causes, personal interests?
You think you don’t know? Look closer. Everyone is telling us through a plethora of platforms: bumper stickers, hats, pictures, desk knick knacks, twitter updates, even their “Likes” are posted right there on Facebook. Plus if they have an assistant – then you can surely mine them for info.

#2 Tip
Think out of the box. I had a friend who had everything and I needed to really stretch my imagination to find her something different. Her favorite book in the world I knew was To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee. So I did a little research and found out that Ms. Lee allows you to mail her her book hardcover or soft and will autograph it for you and mail it back – if you include a self-addressed stamped envelope pack. How much did that cost me? Less than 20 bucks. My friends face when she opened her gift? Priceless.

#3 Tip
Think sentimental. One of my most fav gifts is a scrap book I received for my 40th birthday from my “family by choice” family; it’s filled with photos of me and them through the years along with memorable events that each of them had written down through out the book. It’s filled with their personal drawings and decorations. It means the world to me and I pull it out when ever I feel blue.

#4 Tip
Think personal. I had to get my father a 70th birthday gift. Hard to buy for this guy who has everything and has seen enough ties! And really how many golf items can we keep giving the poor guy! My friend Stephanie Valdez had just launched her new company http://www.speaksake.com. This remarkable company allows you to invite one to anyone you want to call an 800 number that allows you to record your own personal message to the recipient and then have a CD delivered with everyone’s wishes to them directly. That was almost a year ago and he still talks about how much it meant to him.

In today’s instant gratification market place – there are so many things that we can “buy” one another but as Martin Buber, the Austrian born Jewish philosopher once said, “The greatest gift we can give to another is our presence.” Let your gift reflect your being fully “present” to the recipient and you will WOW them every time.

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