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I Know You Hate Popups… But They Work & Here’s Proof

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You know, it’s tough sometimes to do the right thing for your business. Case in point, if you could get a 250% increase in subscribers (leads) for your business would you do it? Yes, you would. But what if it meant you need to use a popup on your website or blog? You’d still do it?

You should. Look, this is a business. Your blog, your website. You’re doing this because you want to make money, or you want to get more leads, or more publicity. Or all of those things. Why wouldn’t you use the best tools and techniques needed to accomplish those goals?

Because YOU hate popups? Because your audience supposedly hates popups? C’mon…

Let me try to change your thinking right now. Unless you’re publishing for fun, you’re in business, and popups work. No, I’m not talking about popups that have blinky ads for free iPads in them. I’m talking about popups that help people subscribe to your email list. Having an active and robust email list is like having a lead funnel for your products or services or updates. It makes sense to get as many targeted potential customers as you can on your email list. So your job then is to do whatever it is you have to do to get those people subscribed to your content on your list.

Many people don’t do this, and it’s to their detriment. You’re never going to be able to really grow your business without a strong, targeted email list. What I see a lot of people do is put the email signup box (I use Aweber and love it) on their site, maybe in the sidebar or something. That’s great, you NEED to do that. However, if you really want to make your email list grow you need to take it a step further, and this popup I’ve been using called PopUp Domination really does work.

Note: It’s not just for WordPress. They have a standalone version.

Why does it work? For one, it’s beautiful. I’ve used popup tools for years, and unless you were able to really customize them, they just looked pretty boring and ugly. PopUp Domination comes with pre-built templates that are really beautiful and usable. You’ve probably already seen my popup if you’re reading this on JimKukral.com. That was done using PopUp Domination. The other reason popups work is if you have a great offer. For example, nobody is going to join your email list just because you say so. You need to incentivize them. With PopUp Domination, you can easily build in a headline and bullet points of your offers, along with a space to put an image of an ebook, or white paper, or an image of you or whatever. That way when the reader sees it it makes sense and gives them a compelling offer instead of just “join my list”. That won’t work.

Here’s a demo of my popup setup in action.

It’s pretty nice, and it works great. Highly recommend it. Buy it here. And yes, that’s an affiliate link. I only promote products I use and love. This is a winner.

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