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Review: PPC Training “Want To Learn Pay Per Click?”

I remember when the whole pay per click business came out years and years ago. Being a performance marketing guy myself I immediately saw the potential. So I jumped right in and began to learn how to become a PPC master. Unfortunately, along the way, I got away from doing a lot of PPC which is silly of me because it truly has become a MAJOR way for your business to advertise online.

So recently I jumped back into the frey and needed to learn, or re-learn, some of the tricks and knowledge I have since forgotten. Of course, I knew that I was completely out of date with how it works today (almost) so I needed a refresher. That’s when I found PPC Training. From the same team that brings you (affiliate link), Aaron Wall. By the way, this review was not paid for.

From the site…

Even if you’re new to Google Adwords or PPC, you may have noticed something:

It’s getting harder. A lot harder.

Harder to learn. Harder to compete. Harder to generate profit.

That said, ever get the feeling that there’s significant money in the Adwords game if you could just figure it out?

Hundreds of thousands of businesses have opened up Google Adwords accounts over the past few years.

They get it: The customers are there – just waiting for you…

Interestingly though, only a select few have managed to turn Google advertising into the next big thing in their business.

It could be that you’re doing “OK” with Adwords, but you’ve noticed lately that there are some players in your niche whose ads seem to be EVERYWHERE…

How do they do it?

This is exactly what I needed to read. Because, yes, I need to know how they do it! I need the inside goods!

So I signed up and checked it out because one of my biggest frustrations with PPC in the past was that I ended up bidding way too much when I know I shouldn’t have. The PPC Training promised me that “your competitors are running around paying only a fraction of what Google is charging *you* to advertise, and generating more net revenues from search than they ever dreamed was possible!”. Yep, that was exactly my problem. Here’s what I found out about the program.

It’s good. Really good. I teach classes for the University of San Francisco and I got a LOT of questions about the specifics of PPC. I needed this to help me answer those questions! I mean, I can’t know everything can I? :)

When you first login to the system you’re greeted by a lot of choices. You can either go right into the forums, or you can read some articles, or scroll down and use some of the tools. I didn’t really know where to start (so much information) so I just started at the Google Adwords Training Index. I read about Adwords policies, and about Adwords and affiliate marketing, and the proper way to do keyword research (which I already knew, but hey, wanted to make sure I was right!).

But what stood out to me was finding out about the Adwords editor, a tool that let’s you manage your ads from a desktop application (cool!). If you have never heard of this, here’s what it does.

Among many other things, the Adwords Editor allows you to:

* Create, change, delete and upload new keywords, ads, and campaigns in bulk
* Download all of your campaign stats and change bids en masse
* Copy or move items between ad groups and campaigns
* View and edit your account structure with a bird’s eye level
* Create or make changes in an offline “sandbox” that doesn’t affect your running campaigns
* View and edit multiple My Client Center accounts

So to keep this review under 100 pages, I’ll just give you some summary points to take away. It’s not just for Adwords (although that is a big part of it). There is training in there for Facebook ads too. And Yahoo!, Myspace and Microsoft Adcenter too.

The tools are worth the cost alone. I’m not sure if I should be posting this video here, but it was embeddable on the site so here goes. This is a little training video.

There are web analytics tools, budgeting tools, research tools and more. Lot of valuable stuff.

There’s a whole bunch of coupons in the module as well. Like a $50 Adwords coupon and a $25 Yahoo! search coupon.

The forums are really active. A neat forum I found is where you can have your copy reviewed by other people. You can also have your landing pages reviewed. Very valuable. Other forums are specific to each network, which is smart since they all kind of operate differently.

The Bottom Line
If you want to learn, or re-learn, PPC then you’d be crazy not to subscribe to this service. Aaron has done it again! First SEObook, now PPCTraining. I recommend you get in and start learning. This is also perfect to agencies who need to be better at doing PPC for their clients, and I think that any business could take what they learn here and give it a go on their own without hiring a third-party agency, assuming they had someone on staff to really dig in and learn this.

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