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The Secrets To Selling Dog S#*!

Found this site today called They don’t actually sell dog doodoo, they sell the bag you pick it up with.

Got me thinking… Anyone can sell anything, as long as it solves a problem. If you’ve read my book, or ever heard me speak, you know I’m a big believer in the fact that successful business revolves around solutions to people’s problems. This is no amazing conclusion, nor did I make this up. This is the genesis for commerce. People have problems; businesses solve their problems; a transaction takes place.

Back to dog poop.

It’s all about pain. Dentists take your pain away from a rotten tooth. Plumbers take your pain away of a flooded bathroom. MuttMitt takes your pain away of picking up dog poop. We all have pain.

So the question to you is… What pain do you take away? Have you ever really sat down and thought about that? The people who buy from you need you to tell them, in a direct fashion, what pain you take away from their lives. Do you know?

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