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I’m Quitting Blogging

Sometimes you have to say things out loud to make them real. I’m quitting blogging. There, I said it.

My blog at JimKukral.com has been active since August 2001. It has gone through many, many transitions. I’ve written thousands of blog posts. It has been great. It has helped me get an audience and helped me build a brand. I love blogging for what it has brought me.

But I’m quitting it. Here’s why.

About 3-4 years ago I quit blogging for a year. I was bored with it back then too. So I committed to doing a video every day instead of blogging. And I did. I produced hundreds of videos over that year and because of it, a lot of things happened for me.

1. I became VERY good at being on camera
2. I learned how to shoot and light sets
3. I learned how to edit video using multiple programs
4. I developed a thing called the Online Video Toolkit which has brought me thousands of new friends and fans, it’s free.
5. I sold thousands of Flip video cameras as an affiliate
6. I became known as an expert in online video
7. I learned how to market on YouTube
8. So much more

So essentially, when I quit blogging and started making videos instead, I gained a ton.

I’m ready to do that again. This time, it’s eBooks. So from this moment on, instead of writing a blog post, I’m going to write an eBook instead. Some of them will be free. Some of them will be paid. But all of them will be eBooks.

Why? Because frankly, I have more to say at this point in my life and career than what can be put in a blog post. And Twitter and Facebook give me my outlets for instant publishing.

But the biggest reason is that I don’t believe that writing blog posts is doing anything to further my business or brand. If I can push out 12 eBooks of high-quality in the next 12-months, I firmly believe that those will do more for me than 1,000 blog posts.

So to make sure you understand. I don’t think blogging is dead. I simply think it’s dead to me for now, again. How can you learn when you’re stuck doing the same thing, over and over? You can’t. Something’s gotta give, and new commitments have to be made. This is mine.

Now I’m off to write this first eBook. I think I might call it “Stop Blogging: You’re Wasting Your Time (if you want to make money that is)”

Wish me luck.

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