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Epic Ca$h Money

Do you want epic cash money for little to no effort and just a $37 investment? A lot of people are seduced by those sorts of ridiculous promises on sales pages like http://www.epiccashmoney.com/ from self-professed gurus.

Me and Shawn Collins are sick and tired of the “gurus” out there and their false promises. So we put together a new community called Unguru.me. It’s for small business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers of all levels of experience to get together to learn and network in an unfiltered atmosphere that is void of hype.

Unguru.me is focused on give and take. This new community is the antithesis to the typical customer and guru relationship where the customer gives and the guru takes.

Visit http://unguru.me/ and join us for an opportunity to network and learn from successful small business owners.

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