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Report: Since I Quit Blogging & Checking Twitter…

I’m breaking my “quitting blogging” stance for today just so I can post this update. I wanted to give you an update of all the things I’ve been able to accomplish since I quit blogging on a consistent basis months ago. Oh yeah, and that’s not all I did. I stopped watching Twitter and checking Facebook. Ok, not completely, maybe only once a day. So here’s what I’ve done since I stopped doing all that.

Wrote Two Good eBooks
You can read them both for free. The first is a book on how to use to get small tasks done for you without a big cost. The second is a motivational eBook called “Why is everyone else rich and I’m not?” that will kick you in the pants.

Launched a Clickbank Product
I’ve been doing business on the Web for over 16-years and one thing I never actually did was create a product and launch it on a network like Clickbank. This week I released version 2.0 of my popular Online Video Toolkit. It’s a 100% online delivered video course teaching you how to make awesome videos on the cheap for your business for more sales, leads and publicity. Affiliates welcome. :0

Just About Finished My Second Book
Your Pitch Sucks, formerly named “The Ultimate Pitch” will be released end of March online by me in digital format.

What else?

Increased my consulting business profits by 150%
Spent more time fishing
Worked on more fun projects
De-stressed myself from the information overload
Grew my email lists by 50%

You get the idea? My point? Blogging and social media are sucking the productivity out of you? Maybe? Perhaps? Think about how much time you waste on things that don’t meet your goals. Things that don’t give you a return on investment. Just think about it. I’m not saying it’s the right thing for you to do. I’m just saying you should consider it.

How much time did you waste today on things that didn’t help you?

Note: This isn’t for everyone. It works for me. Will it work for you? Not sure, but something to consider.

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