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A College Student Changing An Industry – Isn’t This Great?

Many of you know I’m already a fan of ukulele pop-song Internet sensation Julia Nunes. I even write about her in Attention! She was, and continues to be, a perfect example of how we don’t need gatekeepers anymore to prove our talent to the world. Nobody does, remember that.

She did it with YouTube videos. Millions of views later, she’s got hundreds of thousands of fans, a handful of records, and a career. All from recording herself in her college dorm room.

Now she’s doing it again, and taking the music industry to school. This time she’s using the brilliant project Kickstarter to fund her next album. At the time of this writing she’s got $26,271 funded to her from 501 backers, with 28 days to go.

What will the money be used for?

The money is going to pay for musicians, producer, engineer, mixing, mastering, and the actual printing of the CD. If we reach the goal and go past it, there will be more cool rewards for everyone that already donated. Any money I make past the $15,000 point will go towards promoting the album, hiring a publicist, maybe even a licensing company (who doesn’t want to hear their songs in the background of some climactic scene in a coming of age film?)

I love the Internet. Can you believe the world we live in now? The power is in our hands. Not theirs, and nothing pleases me more than that. Get to work.

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