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The Domino Project, Seth Godin & Gatekeepers

I like Seth Godin. Never met him, but I’ve heard he’s a stand up guy. I like his books. I would say that The Idea Virus is my favorite, and my first read from him years and years ago.

I will admit I have asked Seth for a few things in the past few years. Including a blurb for Attention! and to include How To Catch Happy in the Domino Project. Neither of which he gave. No problem. I am not bitter about it one bit. I’ll keep trying to be better and hope he likes what I’m doing. If not, I’ll live. But you always want to be accepted by the leaders in your industry.

I also like his new Domino Project, in concept. But I have to take issue with the rhetoric that he uses to talk about this project. To quote from his latest article on the site

Here’s the unedited version of a radio interview I did about Domino, permission marketing and a new era of book publishing.

I take issue with the a new era of book publishing line that has been perpetuated through the media since day one launch of this project. Look, the Domino Project is neat and fun, but it is certainly not ushering in a new era of book publishing. The media took the announcement that Seth wasn’t going to write any more “traditionally published” books hook, line and sinker. So did I. I loved it.

Until I realized that the Domino Project is more of a mirage of that concept. Why you say? Because while it does help authors publish digitally, it only does so for a handful of people, hand picked by Seth himself.

Is it really a new era of publishing to create a project that is in reality a digital publishing house with one big gatekeeper?

I don’t see it. The “new era of publishing” is when you and me and everyone can easily publish any content without any gatekeeper. So I don’t see how the Domino Project really fits into that mold?

No offense to Seth, I just don’t get it. Everyone is a publisher now. When there’s a gatekeeper, I believe you are still holding in the traditional publishing model, sans the printed book part.

The reason I got into blogging in 2001 was because I LOVED the fact that I could get around the gatekeepers. That’s the same feeling I have now that I am beginning to create more book type content in digital form.

The Domino Project did a good job of moving the discussion and creating awareness. But it’s not the solution or the future of publishing. That will come from you, and you alone.

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