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Free Landing Page Templates

As an Internet Marketer, success for myself and for my clients depends a LOT on making high-quality landing pages. If you can create amazing landing pages you can convert at a much higher ratio, which means more sales and leads and profits!

Google loves great landing pages too. Just recently they announced that having good landing pages will mean even more. This article states that Google is changing their algorithm so that landing pages are even more important than ever.

As usual, in the ever evolving world of Search Engine Optimization, big changes are coming. Indeed, I just heard about new tweaks performed on the Google algorithm: This time it’s the Google AdWords, and the target is PPC landing pages! Landing pages quality is now an important ranking factor. Landing pages with most relevant content (in continuation to the ads) will from now on be considered as “quality” pages and hence rank higher.

Google AdWords Landing pages quality has been a ranking factor for Google for quite some time now, with factors being “relevant”, “irrelevant” or “utterly, terribly irrelevant”. With this new tweak to AdWords, Google scrutinizes, the “relevant”, the “more relevant” and the “most relevant” and ranks them accordingly.

With the quality websites climbing up the Google rankings, both site owners and web visitors shall benefit. Undoubtedly, Google’s endeavor has always been to enhance user experience. Their aim is to return users targeted search results.

The problem for many small business owners and non-Web people is that making great landing pages is hard. Well, not anymore. I’ve solved that problem.

Free Landing Page Templates

Introducing Free Landing Page Templates for Premise. I’ve become a huge fan of the Premise landing page plugin for WordPress. In fact, all the landing pages I’ve been making for months have been created with it. So I thought, why not release them for everyone to use? Get them here.

What can you make with the Premise landing page plugin? Well, check out the gallery of landing pages we’ve compiled.

Personally, I’ve been loving using them for creating landing pages for my books. You can see a few of them in action here at Business Around a Lifestyle and What Is Personal Branding Book.

So if you’re looking for a way to create professional landing pages the easy way, go grab a copy of the Premise plugin for WordPress, then download the free landing page templates over at Premise Gallery.

And don’t forget to submit your landing page to the gallery when you’re done creating it.