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Fox Business News with Neil Cavuto

I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Neil Cavuto show on Fox Business News yesterday. You can watch the clip below. I talk about how I got on the show below.

So how did I get on this show?

Step 1: Have a good website (your platform). No-brainer, right? You have to have a professional looking site, assuming you’re in a professional business. My website features videos of me speaking and testimonials from clients and media I’ve been mentioned in.

Step 2: Create content in other places. I got this invite because a show producer found my guest post article on that I did over a year ago. He then followed my byline link to my site (see step 1) and watched some of my other videos, saw my books, calculated in his head whether I was qualified to be a good guest or not, then contacted me.

Step 3: When a person from the media contacts you, drop EVERYTHING and call them back. I’m not kidding. Here’s what they are doing. They have a deadline. In my case it was for that night’s show. So after he contacted me and left a message, he continued to search for another guest. Guess what? If he found and booked another one before I called back, I’m out. It’s that simple. You MUST get back to them as soon as possible.

I’ve actually lost things like this before because of bad timing. One time I had just gotten on a plane and didn’t get the email until 5 hours later. I lost that one, even though I called back immediately from the airplane. I lost another one because I had shut my phone off during a business meeting. You win some, you lose some.

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