Too Much Influence Is A Bad Thing | Unskippable - Marketing Keynote Speaker - Jim Kukral

Too Much Influence Is A Bad Thing

There’s a severe disadvantage when you have too much influence. Sure, having smart and successful people around you is VERY important. However, when you begin to let their influence overwhelm your gut ideas and thoughts and shape your direction, you’re in trouble.

That’s where I was in 2010. I had a massive circle of smart, influential people guiding me. Believe me, they helped, a lot! But after a while I realized that I was letting them guide me too much. I saw their success and tried to emulate it, instead of sticking with my gut and moving forward on what I really wanted to do.

There’s the trap. You listen and watch successful people, and you want to be like them, so you try to do what they do… but when you do that, you never truly innovate, or create something that you believe is the right thing to do.

So I removed myself from that influential group. Simply because I needed to see what I could come up with without someone telling me if it’d work or not.

Lesson? Trust your gut. Go out there and take your belief and see if it works. Even when others might say, or show you, that another way works best. Failure is a good thing. Happy new year.

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