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The Things You Don’t Have To Do

Below is a short excerpt from my soon to be released book entitled “Business Around a Lifestyle“.

The Things You Don’t Have To Do

Inevitably if you read any books on success you’re going to read a lot about all the things you HAVE to do to succeed. Things like travel a lot or hire an accountant or even things like “make lists and set goals”. Yes, I know those are things I said you have to do. I’m contradicting myself right now just to make a point.

You don’t HAVE to do anything. Books like mine, and others like it, are giving you guidelines to follow, not rules set in stone. You’re either going to do them, or you’re not. You’re either going to believe in them, or you’re not.

Having a lifestyle business isn’t about doing what others tell you you MUST do. It’s about doing what you want to do, at all costs. At some point you’re going to come across a rule that you think is absolutely ridiculous or you just hate even thinking about doing.

Guess what. Don’t do it. Figure out a way to do your YOUR way. There will be a massive temptation to want to “do what everybody else says works”. I get it. I’ve fallen into that trap before as well. You look at all the successful businesses and people in your industry and you want to emulate them. But what happens is you end up following THEIR plan, instead of yours.

Again, you’re building your lifestyle business, not theirs. Follow their example, but no need to copy them completely. They probably have different goals than you do.

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