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When’s The Last Time You Got Paid For A Blog Post?

I keep having this argument over and over. On Facebook, Twitter, email, you name it. As I continue to push my mantra of “everyone should publish a book” around the Internets, I keep getting a very few people pushing back on me with one of the following objections.

1. Not everyone should have a book because it just makes more crap out there.
2. Books are better/different and should be researched and a lot more put into them.
3. If everyone writes a book, the world will end.
4. Blogs are a much better way to communicate your message.
5. And other reasons why people who are writing books now who shouldn’t are ruining the world.

C’mon. Do any of you remember 2001 when blogging really started to take hold? I do, I started this blog in August of 2001. Shortly after I started using blogs for business or to “make money online.” My point is to point out that the EXACT same arguments I was getting way back then about using blogs for business are the EXACT same arguments I’m getting today about self-publishing books.

The cycle continues. Something new hits the scene and the purists are quick to come out and hold to the old model and claim that the new way is going to ruin everything. The world is not flat people.

Then the argument comes out that “just because it’s content wrapped in a dead tree doesn’t make it any more valuable.” To that I say, when was the last time someone paid you to read your blog post?

They don’t, and they won’t. A book is the same content, wrapped in a different delivery mechanism. But because of how it is delivered, it offers more credibility (for now) and value in terms of “making money” from it.

Writing a book is a business decision, just like writing a blog is. Are you making the best possible decision?

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