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Author Marketing Club

This morning I am announcing a brand-new community I have created called the Author Marketing Club. It’s a free book marketing resource for authors. Our goal is to help authors work together to promote each others books, and learn from one another about how to do better book marketing.

There’s no question. The hardest part about becoming a successful author in today’s digital publishing world is figuring out how to do the marketing. That’s because most people aren’t marketers, nor do they want to be.

But the fact remains that if you want to sell a lot of books you cannot ignore the marketing. At the Author Marketing Club, you will join a robust community of other authors who feel your pain, and who want to work together to help each other learn how to promote their books.

Oh yeah, and help each other promote each others books too! When you become an AMC member you will have access to the following:

  • A review request system where you can put your book in front of readers who want to read and review your book
  • A thriving community of authors willing to share their marketing tactics and lessons, and failures
  • Helpful advice and resources for new and experienced authors alike
  • Specials and offers for discounted services to help you publish your book
  • Daily lists of free Kindle books sent to you via email
  • Much more

Did I mention it’s all free?

I should also mention that the AMC is not just for authors. If you are a reader, and you love free books, you can sign up to receive updates on new and free books that you can download and enjoy anytime you want.

The digital book business is booming! New and existing authors need marketing help and more readers to ensure a successful book selling campaign. Author Marketing Club is a matchmaking service between authors that need things like reviews and sales, with readers who want to get a first look at new books for free. All for free.

Author Marketing Club also assists authors with marketing help, providing tools and resources and learning to authors so they can have a successful book marketing campaign and launch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can An Author Member Do?
An author member can submit their digital books for reviews, as well as let readers know about free Amazon promotions. Plus much more, register to have a look around, it’s free!

What Can A Reader Member Do?
A reader member will get notified about books that are requesting reviews, as well as learning about books that are on a free promotion on Amazon.

How Much Does It Cost?
Nada. Nothing! It’s free for both authors and readers.

Am I Guaranteed Reviews?
No. The AMC system is built to help you get the word out to rabid readers who understand that they are getting free books. These readers are under no legal or financial obligation to leave a review at all.

Is This For Fiction Or Non-Fiction?
Both! No matter what type of book you are authoring, you can use the AMC tools to help you promote it and sell it.

What If Someone Leaves A Negative Review?
The Author Marketing Club has nothing to do with whether or not a reader leaves a review at all, good or bad. We simply make the connection between you and the reader.

If you’ve followed my Tweets or blog posts or speaking events at all over the past two-years, you would realize that I have fallen in love with the self-publishing business. The Author Marketing Club is my way of giving back to the community of authors and readers who love it as much as I do.

I’d love for you to come over and become a member, for free. And check us out on Facebook too.