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Internet Marketers Won’t Ruin Self-Publishing

I’ve been doing this Internet marketing thing for over 15-years now and I’ve seen the VAST underbelly of pretty much every sleezy exploit and “system” that has ever come to market, in every little niche.

Now with books on Amazon becoming the next gold rush, we are seeing it again.

The difference is, unlike other industries… the scammers won’t last here. Why? A few reasons.

1. It’s hard to write a great book.
Great books will have a self-life of forever and live of referrals and positive reviews and Amazon will reward them. Crappy books will not.

2. Not many people who scam like to mess with hard.
See #1.

3. They’ll find out the money isn’t in it soon enough for them and move on.
Scammers and “gurus” want fast, instant cash, that is easy money. Self-publishing on Amazon is none of those things.

An establish author named Michelle (who I just found out about) wrote a post about “Dirty Publishers“. She points out that there’s a lot of hanky-panky going on these days with authors.

There’s been a rash of authors being exposed for rating their own books five stars lately. Or asking their fans to post only 5 star reviews and vote for one or two (or even three) star reviews as “Not helpful” to downplay them. There was even an article in the NY Times about people buying or selling Starred reviews. This is dirty publishing.

There was the person, too, who put Dan Brown’s name in the title of their book so that any searches on Dan Brown would bring up their book too. Dirty. Publishing.

Dirty Publishing is anything that is designed to manipulate a reader into buying your book. Not engage them, not entice them, not interest them, but MANIPULATE them. Dirty publishing tactics come into play when someone knows, on some level that they haven’t pushed themselves or their work or their project up to the highest quality, but expect to be rewarded anyway. At this point, if anyone I’m talking about is reading this, they’re getting pretty upset.

Yeah. And it’s going to get worse before it gets better. But it won’t last, don’t worry.

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