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She’ll Catch Your Cat, For $80

This is an excerpt from my book entitled “Business Around A Lifestyle“.

Jordana Serebrenik catches cats for a living. For $80 bucks a pop, Jordana will come to your apartment in NYC and somehow get your cat into his or her travel container. Maybe you can’t get them in to take them to the vet, or on a trip, or whatever. Maybe the cat keeps running from you and scratching your face?

No matter. Jordana catches them.

This story is both absurd and awesome. It’s absurd in a way to think that a person can make an entire living doing something like this. On the other hand, it’s completely amazing as well. You decide. I’ll vote for more awesome.

Jordana used to be a lawyer until she realized that it wasn’t what she wanted to do with her life, so she turned to catching cats. Her entire business is powered by Facebook and from referrals.

Ok, stop for a second. Quit complaining that you hate your job and your life and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Jordana left her cushy lawyer job and catches cats. She now lives a life she’s more happy with.

What’s your excuse? Oh, you can’t catch cats? Get creative. There’s got to be something you can do, or something you know you can build a lifestyle business around.

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